More Details Surface On Tricky's Album

In January we hinted that Tricky was working on a new album called Knowle West Boy, named after the neighborhood that the trip hop vocalist/musician used to reside. At that time the record was slated to come out via the singer's own label, Brown Punk, but since then things have changed. Domino will now release it on September 9 in the US and July 7 in the UK. For more information on the release, check out our past story here.

Knowle West Boy
01. "Puppy Toy"
02. "Bacative"
03. "Joseph"
04. "Veronica"
05. "C'mon Baby"
06. "Council Estate"
07. "Past Mistake"
08. "Coalition"
09. "Cross To Bear"
10. "Slow"
11. "Baligaga"
12. "Far Away"
13. "School Gates"



More Details Surface On Tricky's Album