Street Horrrsing

I biked my way down a vacant road to a delight that was being held in a cave many centuries older than my ancestors had been in the vicinity of this country. Come to find out the host group, was not from this country. Approaching the entrance to the cave I heard loud repercussions of bass feedback and chimes. I was into the ride they were offering for now. The enticing sounds they offered as an homage entitled "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" were more than I needed to enter the borough of hope. Venturing in I found that earthy drums and simian sounds were emanating through the speakers. "Ribs Out," OK, this shit is for real. The laser show consisted of lighters reflected off of pools of water, the smoke machine was the exhale enjoyments of the patrons. Are we getting busted for making this cave an exile? No, it's the next chapter entitled "Let's Talk About Magic," apply named for the move from life ambient tones to tribal noise.

Never have I wanted to act upon my genetic predisposed instincts so harshly. I find myself in this cave rushing for an alone place with an equally willing participant when "Race to the Bedroom - Spirit Rising" emanates off the walls of limestone. Now my primal lusts are gone and something more fills my head. This is a continuation of magic, and thusly should not be abused, intense to the max. Sweating, we both come up to a dance beat that we can shake our trembling bodies to, "Bright Tomorrow." Ironic in the sense we both hoped it would turn out this way. Movement, sound, and rhythm, all pull doubt away. Intensity builds again.

What now? Are we the same people we were twenty minutes ago? Hardly.... "Colours Move." A small reminder in spelling that me and my music/love/lust are from different giant islands. I bid farewell to my sweet and inquire if things will pick up again where they left off. I know this won't happen. In individual doses this experience is tripe, in its entirety it is a work of art. Perhaps that should have been the whole review, but you wouldn't listen if that was the case. I'm not saying you will find love while listening to this, but I did.

"Bright Tomorrow"

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Street Horrrsing