We Appreciate You

The in-store performance dubbed them as a pop-fusion band that had a Minneapolis sensibility. Not to much on their side when I walk in, but a flogo catchiness made me "Stay That Way." Sadly the titles were catchier than the tunes when "Black Market Pandas" graced the airwaves. Granted highlights were had but the forced pop ideology was not wanted in the time or place.

Then something "Floated Down and Flew Around." For optimal unpleasure I would have named it "Play And Shut Up." Tired lyrics delivered in an almost necessary manner made the WHOO's seem like God send tones. "Perched on Porches" felt like I had never experienced a summer. It was that bad. "Flames in our Guts" was just that. Seriously? What the fuck have you been doing to make your lives that bad? I endure eight months of winter, and so do you. All I can sympathize with you is your lack of originality and passion for truth.

My wish at this point is that it doesn't get worse. Wish granted.... "We Are Genius Millionaires." Yes, yes you are. After this track I wonder why you speak in the first place. Next cut can't be that bad, not if this Virgin store wants to sell corporate junk. My bad, it is. "Disastrophe" should be your title track. Even if the lyrics are spouted on the next track as "Status quo is nothing but a shallow grave," "Hardland/Heartland," don't shovel shit on my shoes. It's horrible either way you spell it. Where has my experience gone? Thank God there is still wine in my bottle.

The last cut, "So Many Friends," sets me off. I stumble to the train in a sleepy state, not even wanting to put my iPod on after that. I hate music now. I can hear from the store, which seems like a kick to the nuts. You may have friends, but they humor you. Your exit track, which has you joking with "friends," well you can keep them. Cause you won't last long. As I left the in-store session I realized that I wanted to make music for me. But I didn't want to try and sell it just to me. I can't say this experience will be the same for you, but please, try and prove me wrong.

"Stay That Way"

The Plastic Constellations


French Kiss

We Appreciate You