Joseph Arthur Creates An Album Thru Blogging

One thing that singer/songwriter/artist Joseph Arthur has never been short on is creativity. The prolific artist probably has more songs sitting around in his head waiting to get out than we could ever comprehend. In an effort to help speed along the process of sharing new music and various pieces of artwork, Arthur has created Bag Is Hot.

At its basic form, it is a blog that he is constantly updating with recordings and imagery that is specifically created for this "living album." It will most likely morph into other forms, but we do have to give him credit for finding an efficient way to give fans a constant stream of treats.

Arthur describes Bag Is Hot like "fresh popcorn for all the kids to grab. Digital hands eating the digital popcorn. This project is fun and doesn't have to be precious, but it's hard not to take it seriously and really work on it. It's not, 'Bag is getting a little lukewarm - Bag is hot! It's gonna be slang soon!"

His own label, Lonely Astronaut, may be releasing the first installment of Bag Is Hot sometime before the end of the year. Check out this work in progress over at

Arthur is also hitting the road this summer, heading overseas in June and then returning for a round of dates in North America. Here are the shows on our shores:

07.04.08 - Montreal, QC (Club Soda)
07.09.08 - Boston, MA (Paradise)
07.10.08 - Philadelphia, PA (World Cafe Live)
07.11.08 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom - full band)
07.12.08 - Hoboken, NJ (Maxwell's)
07.15.08 - Los Angeles, CA (Troubadour)
07.18.08 - San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall)
07.21.08 - Portland, OR (Doug Fir)
07.22.08 - Seattle, WA (Triple Door)
07.24.08 - Vancouver, BC (The Media Club)
07.26.08 - Guelph, ON (Hillside Festival)

Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur Creates An Album Thru Blogging