Adem Talks About New Album Of Covers

Back in February we told you about Adem's upcoming new album, Takes, which consists of covers of some of his personal favorite songs from other artists. Although normally an album of covers would normally not grab our interest, anything from the UK musician Adem is always a fascinating listen, so we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of this disc to Tripwire HQ.

Rather than regurgitate the information we've already provided you, here is an update straight from the man himself. Here is what Adem has to say about the album:

My new record, Takes is out! 12th May. It's in the shops and looking for a home. (Those of you in the US will have to wait a couple of weeks for the physical release, I'm afraid - coming out on June 3rd). On Domino Records.

Takes is my third solo album and it's an exploration of some of my influences. It's a record of versions of some of the music I loved from 1991 to 2001; the period in my life where my musical taste became fully formed. Unlike my previous two records, Takes was recorded in a studio (Miloco) and benefited from a slew of gorgeous equipment and instruments. I've taken tracks that had a huge influence on my life and played them as if they were my own, portrayed them in such a way as to make the link between the original and my music. The tracklisting is:

01. "Bedside Table" - Bedhead - 7" single 1992 (+the end of the day (beheaded1996))
02. "Oh My Lover" - PJ Harvey - Dry 1992
03. "Slide" - Lisa Germano - Slide 1998
04. "Loro" - Pinback - Pinback 1998
05. "Hotellounge" - dEUS - Worst Case Scenario 1994
06. "To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song" - Aphex Twin - Richard D James 1996
07. "Tears Are In Your Eyes" - Yo La Tengo - And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out 2000
08. "Starla" - Smashing Pumpkins - "I Am One 7" b-side 1992 (+Window Paine from Gish 1991)
09. "Gamera" - Tortoise - "Gamera" 12" 1995
10. "Unravel" - Bjork - Homogenic 1997
11. "Invisible Man" - The Breeders - Last Splash 1993
12. "Laser Beam" - Low - Things We Lost In The Fire 2001

The record will be released as a cd and gorgeous heavy double vinyl gatefold. You'll also be able to download it from the normal places. I recommend downloads and online ordering from Domino Records.

I'll also be in New York, playing Brooklyn Union Hall on the 10th June - this will be a solo performance - have very exciting support lined up which I'll announce on as soon as it's confirmed. It's going to be super intimate, so book soon.

I'm incredibly proud of this album and think you'll like it too. I've had lots and lots of lovely reviews and feedback from the press and am very excited to hear what you think of it.

You can preview three tracks from Takes over on his MySpace page. We've got to admit that his cover of Aphex Twin's "To Cure A Weakling Child + Boy/Girl Song" is unbelievably fascinating.


Adem Talks About New Album Of Covers