Download - Tokyo Police Club "Tessellate" (Tom Campesinos! Remix)

We like Tokyo Police Club. We also like Los Campesinos! Therefore, it only make sense that we'd go nutters over a Tokyo Police Club track that is remixed by a member Los Campesinos! Right?

If you're a big fan of either band, you'll want to pick up the brand new 7" single for "Tessellate," which features this particular remix done by Tom Campesinos. The vinyl is only available at the band's shows and at Saddle Creek's online store, so get your while there are any left. You can also pick up this remix on the limited edition version of Tokyo Police Club's latest, Elephant Shell.

To make it a little easier for you to sample this cool remix, snag the free MP3 below.

MP3 Download - "Tessellate" (Tom Campesinos! Remix)

Tokyo Police Club

Download - Tokyo Police Club "Tessellate" (Tom Campesinos! Remix)