Video - Portishead "The Rip"

Portishead just released their newest video for "The Rip" today. It's not quite what we would expect to see from the group considering what we have seen come from the band in the past, but it is interesting. As a matter of fact, it was made by animator Nick Uff, the man who created the art print that was available with the limited edition of Third. In the past the band used his animated work behind them during their All Tomorrow's Parties show last December.

Nick Uff will also create the video for "We Carry On." In an interview with Daily Echo, Uff commended, "I don't storyboard my ideas, but let the films go where they take themselves. There's all sorts of ideas in there - things that have happened, a bit of social comment - like a stream of consciousness you could say. Each frame has to be different, animated films cannot stand still. That means they can be quite difficult on the eye, especially in the style I use, it's very busy, a bit scratchy. It's interesting because what I have done is in no way a promo video for the tracks, but is an intrinsic part of the music. The whole landscape of pop music has changed with new technology so people don't have to do singles in the old-fashioned way, but can release things like this as an entire package. I'm fascinated to see where this goes."

"The Rip"



Video - Portishead "The Rip"