Foxboro Hot Tubs Kick Off Small Venue Tour Next Week

It was all the way back in December when we first heard of Foxboro Hot Tubs... a mysterious band that had a striking musical resemblance to Green Day. It didn't take long for the truth to emerge, with the pop-punk group finally admitting that they were indeed Foxboro Hot Tubs. The band has announced a small venue tour, which will give diehard Green Day fans a rare chance to see the guys up close and personal. The mini-tour will be for the band to support their upcoming full-length album, which will hit stores on May 20.

We should let you know that the ticket situation is a little challenging. No tickets will be sold in advance. Tickets will be made available for purchase the day of each show at the venue box office only. You will need to check with your local venue box office to see what time they will specifically go on sale. Also, tickets will be $20 cash... only cold hard dolla billz will get you a ticket, and there is a limit of two tickets per person.

05.19.08 - Little Rock, AR (Juanita's Cantina)
05.20.08 - New Orleans, LA (One Eyed Jack's)
05.21.08 - Dallas, TX (The Loft)
05.22.08 - Austin, TX (Emo's)
05.25.08 - Phoenix, AZ (The Brick House)
05.26.08 - San Diego, CA (Soma - sidestage)
05.27.08 - Los Angeles, CA (The Roxy)
05.28.08 - Long Beach, CA (Alex's Bar)

Foxboro Hot Tubs

Foxboro Hot Tubs Kick Off Small Venue Tour Next Week