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Freeload: T-Pain, “Talla Ho Wak”

May 13, 2008

Can we talk about how weird this T-Pain song makes us feel for a minute? Less vocoder-reliant than usual, T-Pain sing-raps his way through a song that's a little more understated than we're used to. Are we okay with this? We're honestly not sure, but we do like the G-Funk flourishes. We always loved thinking T-Pain's vocoder was always hooked up and he walked around saying shit like a sad (or happy) robot, but then again we really liked it when he rapped vocoder-free for a second on "Tallahassee Love" on Epiphany, so maybe this is a good idea. What do we even want from dude at this point? We don't know. Also, when he says, They gonna be talkin bout me in front of McDonalds in heaven OHHH we kind of think dude is selling himself short. McDonalds? Really? Actually that is awesome. There you have it, more T-Pain inspired mental conflict.

Download: T-Pain, "Talla Ho Wak"

Freeload: T-Pain, “Talla Ho Wak”