Sleep At Your Own Speed

One thing I can say without hesitation is that the indie label Morr Music consistently uncovers brilliant artists. I have written about a couple of their other bands, including the former On The Cover group Seabear. A few weeks ago I received a copy of another Morr artist, Butcher The Bar. This is the project of twenty-two year old Joel Nicholson, a musician that creates music that is well beyond his years.

Nicholson hails from Manchester, but his music is about the polar opposite from anything that stemmed from the old Madchester days. He keeps his songs simple, predominately acoustic, yet still filled with melodies and honest, unpretentious lyrics. His breathy, quiet vocals and songwriting style have a striking resemblance to Elliot Smith, and it is easy to compare him to Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens as well.

The songs on Sleep At Your Own Speed come across as short stories, focusing on relatable events that have happened in most of our lives. From the slightly plugged in "Get Away" to the delicate guitar plucking of "You Know Everything," this coming of age album marks an impressive debut from Butcher The Bar. These bedroom-crafted indie folk-pop songs will evoke memories from your youth, such as moving out of your town for a change of scenery, which is oddly comforting as you daydream about those days.

Butcher The Bar's debut album, Sleep At Your Own Speed, is a warm collection of songs that were composed by one talented musician. His no frills style of performance allows his stories to take the spotlight, backed by simple, well-crafted melodies on stripped down instrumentation. This is definitely a hidden gem which has found a good home on Morr Music.

MP3 Download - "Leave This Town"

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Sleep At Your Own Speed