KCRW Launches Guest DJ Project

Leave it to good ol' KCRW to come up with something this interesting. They have just launched their Guest DJ Project, where they invite various cultural icons to chat about music that has inspired and moved them. They are choosing from quite a broad spectrum of people, ranging from actors and authors to athletes and techies.

Their first batch of guest DJs has been posted up on the projects page within KCRW's official website. So far they have recruited and posted sessions with Conan O'Brien, Johh Cusack, director Garth Jennings, actress Saffron Burrows and director Jason Reitman.

These sessions are available on their website as well as airing live on KCRW (you can find the air dates on the site). One of the sessions we're quite interested in is with one of our favorite guys on the planet, Conan O'Brien. During the chat he discusses wishing he was a musician, his love of The Clash, running into The White Stripes (before Meg & Jack started the band) in a Detroit bowling alley, having Radiohead as his first musical guest and much more.

KCRW Guest DJ Project

KCRW Launches Guest DJ Project