Norman Cook Is Ditching The Fatboy Slim Moniker

Believe it or not, Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) is still making records. Now, we're not ragging on the guy, as a few of his tunes hold a special place in our hearts from the heyday of dance music's crossover into the mainstream. The electonica musician and DJ is working on some new material and decided that his Fatboy Slim moniker is a bit dated, so he has opted to get rid of it for a new one.

In a recent interview, Cook told The Sun: "Yes, I am ditching the Fatboy Slim name, but I can't tell you the new one. I'm going to take the Fifth Amendment on that question and not say because I'll get myself into trouble."

Even with a new name, you'd think that fans knowing that Norman Cook = Fatboy Slim = his new name wouldn't really care either way. A fresh coat of paint on one of the world's most well known DJs won't change things THAT much. C'mon Norman...

Fatboy Slim

Norman Cook Is Ditching The Fatboy Slim Moniker