Zune Expands Beyond Music With Graphic Novel

The folks over at Zune have been pushing the envelope with original content through their Zune Arts program. For one of their latest creations, they are releasing a graphic novel by author Steve Niles, titled "The Lost Ones." Avid readers might recognize Niles from his book "30 Days Of Night."

The novel revolves around four individuals who leave the planet and get involved in an intergalactic adventure. Now, before you write this off as a scifi nerdfest, don't worry... you'll remain wedgie free if you check this out. The coolest part of this project is that each of the four chapters are illustrated by a different graphic artist: Dr Revolt, an original member of the historic New York City graffiti crew The Rolling Thunder Writers, Gary Panter, an illustrator known for his surreal and raw style, Morning Breath, Brooklyn-based art and design duo, and emerging painter/fashion designer Kime Buzzelli.

For more on "The Lost Ones" as well as other Zune Arts projects, head over to their official website. The graphic novel will be released next month in both collector's and paperback editions.

Zune Arts

Zune Expands Beyond Music With Graphic Novel