Terry Tales & Fallen Gates

So what do you do when you are a blog buzz worthy band that gets picked up by a major label, and after releasing an EP gets lost in the shuffle (with the state of the industry) and subsequently dropped from said major? In the case of The Little Ones, you keep on truckin' and put out an even more mature release on your own.

We've been fans of The Little Ones for quite some time now, and their newest release, Terry Tales & Fallen Gates, spotlights on what the group does best, making sunny feel good songs that are perfect for summer. Opening with the Zombies-esque "Tallies," The Little Ones set the tone for the journey on which the listener is about to embark. One of our live favorites "O-A (There's A Sun)," is just as quirky recorded as it is in person, and that's a good thing. The beachy "Unlock The Door!" forces images of sand, pineapples and tikki torches to dance around in our heads, while the more rockin' "Forgive Yourself" begs the listener to bob their head. The group closes with the carefree "New Branches," a track that politely nods at The Beach Boys and The Kinks.

If you have ever seen these lads perform in person, its really hard not to leave their show smiling. With a few listens of Terry Tales & Fallen Gates, the same effect grabs hold of you, and you are left grinning from ear to ear.

MP3 Download - "Boracay"

The Little Ones

Terry Tales & Fallen Gates