Langhorne Slim


One of the most appealing aspects of Langhorne Slim's music is that it is totally unclassifiable. You simply can't pigeonhole his songwriting into one specific genre, as his style easily drifts from Americana to folk to rock without blinking an eye. He excels at creating the perfect musical backdrop to his crafty and intelligent lyrics.

Our first taste of Slim's new material from this album came during his performance at the Levi's/FADER Fort back in March, as well as during his Tripwire Acoustic Session. When he is plugged in on stage, the songs have much more of a raw feel, like an out of control steam train barreling down the tracks. The War Eagles backed him up, offering plenty of punch to the live sound.

When it comes to the songs when recorded on tape, much more of the melody comes through. While both forms of Slim's songs are excellent, it just shows that there are two Langhorne worlds, giving fans different experiences for the same tunes. Focusing on the album, his latest self-titled disc kicks off with the upbeat "Spinning Compass," showcasing his expanded instrumentation pallet with accordion, cello and bells, which work perfectly with his traditional acoustic guitar/bass/drums lineup.

One of the more interesting cuts on the record is "Rebel Side Of Heaven," complete with a fat tuba line providing much of the bass. Once the other horns chime in, it sounds like a New Orleans parade marching down the street, led by Langhorne as he sings "I know we have sinned all of our lives. We ain't going to hell, well we're going to the rebel side of heaven." The folkier side of his material pops up with "Restless," with the light locomotive beat of the snare driving the beat along with Langhorne's acoustic guitar and a melodic keyboard line.

Langhorne cranks it up with "She's Gone," which brings to mind the sound of The War Eagles live. It is a bit reckless, with the pounding of a honky-tonk piano moving things along as he shouts along with the chorus. It is on moments like this where the imperfections of a live performance shine through, keeping this rocker true to Slim's roots.

As a performer and songwriter, Langhorne Slim has proved without a doubt that he is the real deal. Throwing bits of folk, country and rock into the same pot, the results make for some brilliant material.

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim