The term "electroclash" makes even the lamest of hipsters cringe, with thoughts of New York around the turn of the millennium and more bad haircuts than a beauty college would crank out. The good news is that one of the bands that fell into that genre (guilt by association?) has prevailed as one of the best synth bands out there, and has cranked out a stellar fourth release.

On Ladytron's Velocifero, the group continues to dabble with dark caberet tunes and theatrical angst, but they also manage to grow in the process; something that they have done with the release of every new album. The electronic pulse of "Runaway" evokes images of sweaty dancing on a dark dance floor, as does the infectious first single, "Ghosts."

While tracks like those and "They Gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name" or "Tomorrow" happily fit into the Liverpoolians' repertoire, it wouldn't be Ladytron without seeing some growth. "Kletva," a cover from a 1972 Bulgarian children's movie, along with the first song, "Black Cat," are both sung in Bulgarian. Also, the industrial "Predict The Day" spotlights the production assistance that was given by Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), as this track feels rougher than past efforts from the group.

In the past we claimed that Witching Hour was Ladytron's best work to date, but now we are changing our tune. With each listen that Velocifero receives in our office, the latest effort is easily growing to be the best of theirs in our humble opinion. This can only mean one thing, whenever Ladytron comes out with album number five, we have to wonder if the best is yet to come.

MP3 Download - "Black Cat"