Dappled Cities Co-Frontman Creates The Curse Of Company

Dappled Cities created an awesome record last year, Granddance. While we are still enjoying the remix action, we are glad to see that one member is still cranking out the tunes. Dave Rennick, one of Dappled Cities co-frontman has now created a new band, The Curse of Company. Comprised of Wiley (Dave) Rennick, Sarah Kelly, Jack Ladder, Danny Heifetz and Burke Reid, the group takes a different route than Dappled Cities. This group of Aussies sounds very different than their friends in Dappled Cities.

Their debut album will have a digital release this summer via Dangerbird Records. However if you want to get a sample of it now, for a limited time the band has the "All The Mines" single up on their website available as a free download. Be sure to pick it up before it is too late by going here. You have to hunt a little (give those mice a workout) but there is also a music video and some artwork to boot.

The Curse Of Company


Dappled Cities Co-Frontman Creates The Curse Of Company