Sonic Youth Partners With Starbucks For Compilation

Alt rock icons Sonic Youth have joined forces with a rather interesting choice of companies to release an upcoming compilation. Hits Are For Squares will see the light of day on Hear Music, the Starbucks label, on June 10. It will contain Sonic Youth tracks selected by friends of the band, ranging from actors, authors and fellow musicians. Beck, Dave Eggers, Chloe Sevigny, Eddie Vedder, and Gus Van Sant are some of the buddies that picked favorite tracks for inclusion on the disc.

For diehard fans, this will also include an exclusive track, "Slow Revolution," which was recorded with producer John Agnello. The disc will be available at Starbucks locations in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia and DC. If you don't happen to live in those areas, you can order it online from Hear Music's website.

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Sonic Youth Partners With Starbucks For Compilation