The Saga Of The Infamous Blur Reunion Continues

Britpop fans around the world have been waiting and waiting and waiting for any confirmation in one direction or the other as to if Blur will ever reunite. This has been going back and forth for quite some time now, and a recent interview with bassist Alex James has just rekindled that fire that was finally starting to go out. Yup, there is STILL a slight possibility that Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Dave Rowntree and Alex James MIGHT get back together for a reunion.

It has been five years since we last saw a proper release from Blur, which was the '03 album Think Tank. By that point, Coxon had already left the band. BBC 6 caught up with James, where he did indeed decide to get us all riled up by stating: "We're all pretty busy but I'd be surprised if it [a reunion] never happens. But I would be terrified if it was happening on Monday."

The interview took place at a photo exhibit in Trafalgar Square, which was based on the environmental and social realities of the Columbian cocaine trade. About this issue, he said: "Cocaine particularly has an unassailable glamour - it's associated with champagne lifestyle and is a very strong brand, but I think it's possible to put a few dinks in the impenetrable sheen that it has. You know, you can't tell people not to take drugs, they won't listen."

"When you show people pictures of monkeys having their houses destroyed so people can take some more drugs then that's more engaging somehow, I don't know why - so I think this is an excellent initiative by the Colombian government basically showing people big pictures of rainforests with holes in," added James.

So, drugs are bad, but potential Blur reunions are good.


The Saga Of The Infamous Blur Reunion Continues