Timewaste - Ten Random Facts About Indiana Jones

Well, today is that day we all watch the clock, waiting for our long weekend to finally kick off. To help waste a few minutes, check out these ten random facts about all four of the Indiana Jones films. For example, did you know that supposedly Tom Selleck was selected by George Lucas for the staring role, but the great mustached one passed so he could rock Magnum, PI. Oops.

Or how about during The Temple Of Doom, the name of the nightclub in Shanghai is called Club Obi Wan. There are plenty of other Star Wars tributes and other random factoids, which you can read by clicking here.

Even though the reviews have been mediocre, the Tripwire crew is most definitely planning on catching The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Indiana Jones Factoids (via Neatorama)

Timewaste - Ten Random Facts About Indiana Jones