Exclusive Download - Rob Dickinson "Crank" (Acoustic)

We've got another exclusive MP3 download for you from one of our absolute favorite musicians, Rob Dickinson. We've been chatting up the upcoming reissue of his debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses, which comes out as a double-disc on June 10. The main disc does indeed the new song "The End Of The World," which we previously posted for your download enjoyment.

The second disc is a six-track EP of freshly re-recorded Catherine Wheel classics, stripped down to their bare bones as acoustic cuts. You will get to hear "Black Metallic," "Crank," "I Want To Touch You," "Show Me Mary," "The Nude" and "Ma Solituda" in their acoustic glory. In fact, we can now offer you the exclusive download of the amazing new version of "Crank," which is a must-hear for any Catherine Wheel fan.

We will have one more download coming up a bit closer to the official release date, so stay tuned!

MP3 Download - "Crank" (acoustic)
Rob Dickinson

Exclusive Download - Rob Dickinson "Crank" (Acoustic)