On The Cover - Bell


The Tripwire first got our hands on the debut EP from Bell several months ago. The hand-drawn cover for the disc caught our eyes, which is fortunate so it didn't sit in our mountains of albums to review for weeks upon weeks. Our overall first impressions were quick to conclude that she must be an On The Cover artist as soon as possible. We've got a hunch that big things are in store for Bell.

We've got an interview and an EP review on the way, but first lets give you a little background information on this outstanding musician. She was born in Moscow and was raised in Alaska. Olga Bell was one smark cookie, becoming bilingual by the age of two. By the time she turned three, she was writing songs about ghosts while the rest of us were still figuring out how to build things with Legos. Bell was performing baroque sonatas on the recorder by five years old, and was rocking the piano by seven. Yup, she was (and still is) an overachiever.

After graduating from the New England Conservatory in Boston, she moved to NYC to pursue a career in music. Once she got her laptop, songs began coming together. Just three years later, Bell has prepared her debut EP, which is currently self-released. We featured a track on Tripwire Podcast 035 back in April, which you can still check out here. Her voice is truly a musical instrument of its own, bringing to mind the early days when Bjork's pipes could send shivers down our spines.

We have plenty more to share about Olga Bell, so we'll wrap this portion up with the beautiful photo session done by our good friend Dorothy Hong. You can also pick up Bell's EP here.

Photos by Dorothy Hong


On The Cover - Bell