Sigur Ros Announce Album Details

We heard that Sigur Ros was planning on releasing their fifth album this summer, and from what we have heard so far, it sounds like it is going to be great. On June 24 the band will release Me Su í Eyrum Vi Spilum Endalaust, which in English translates to "With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly."

The first single, "Gobbledigook," will be given a world exclusive today on England's Radio 1 tonight by Zane Lowe during the evening session, and then will be on the band's website available as a free download beginning at 2:30PM EST along with the video.

After you check out the tune and video later today, be sure and pre-order the record on June 2. The pre-sale edition will include a download of the record a week before it hits shops as well as the physical copy. Later in the year there will be a special deluxe version that will feature a making of the album book, film and more.

The clock can't move fast enough today!

Me Su í Eyrum Vi Spilum Endalaust
01. "Gobbledigook"

02. "Inní mér syngur vitleysingur"

03. "Gó an daginn"

04. "Vi spilum endalaust"

05. "Festival"

06. "Me su í eyrum"

07. "Ára bátur"

08. "Illgresi"

09. "Fljótavík"

10. "Straumnes"

11. "All Alright"
Sigur Ros


Sigur Ros Announce Album Details