Daft Punk Working On New Material

Great news from the electronic music pioneers Daft Punk. The crew over at The Daily Swarm found an interview with Busy P on in The Mix, in which he discuses new music in the works from Daft Punk, as well as his own departure as their manager for the past twelve years. Busy P, aka Pedro Winter, has decided to focus more time on his own Ed Banger Records. Here is the scoop:

"The boys are in a studio in Paris at the moment. And I can't wait to listen to their new stuff! The good thing is that they are making music at the moment." While those creative juices are flowing again, it's not known at this stage when the new album might see the light of day. "They are slow, you know. They are taking their time, and they have a right."

As for his departure as manager of the robotic dance duo, he added: "I've stopped working with them really recently, because I want to focus and concentrate on Ed Banger and my artists, and my own career as Busy P."

To read more from Busy P, head over to In The Mix (via The Daily Swarm).

Daft Punk

Daft Punk Working On New Material