Live - The Presets @ Mezzanine | SF

After the whimsical glory of witnessing Destroyer live, I decided to hop over to The Presets show about to start at Mezzanine, where I was met by a huge bitch fight in session outside and cops spilling out into Jessie Street to handle business as I walked up. Well, shit...

Security guys were running inside to grab these two screaming hos who were barefoot and holding their lucite heels, with their strung-out hair flapping in the wind; one of them was hollering "I just want to go home, fuck it! I JUST WANT TO GO HOME." I waited patiently as security pulled out an alleged guy who hit one of the hos to question him and get his side of the story (he denied any involvement). I have to say I couldn't blame the guy - I don't support violence, but these two bitches looked nuts. I patted my favorite security guard on the knee on my way in to say "Dude, I am sorry for this shit" before getting my dance on inside.

Here's the thing about The Presets - there are only two of them in the band. Two people, four hands, 20 fingers. It doesn't sound like a lot, but standing in the back of Mezzanine I swear to God there might as well been 19 of them on stage, all banging on a various instrument that made a pounding, monstrous, electrified blip of some sort. The amount of noise Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes made was mammoth, completely enveloping me and the rest of the sold-out audience; I stood in the back by the coat check, I went to the bathroom, I traveled upstairs, and the sound still followed me like a good stalker. I was impressed.

The Australian duo was in town to show-off new record Apocalypso, a brilliant and sharp album full of bodyrock dance jams, industrial-influenced tunes, and solid electronic grooves. And show-off they did - a wave of insanity brushed over everyone's heads during "My People," a hard-hitting, deep anthem interposed with Hamilton's baritone licks, with an explosion of dance midway for the bridge. There was some mega-thrashing happening, and for a second I thought I was going to be hit in the face with someone's drink. This dance party was serious. More melodic tracks like "This Boy's In Love" make me fall in love myself on the spot - how is that possible? Anyone?

I have to hand it to Australia - you guys overcame the Brits being dicks by sending over ex-cons to your island by producing some of the best electronic music as of late. Keep on keepin' on: I think the Presets show was one of my top five of 2008 thus far.

(Oh - and when I was leaving the club, the two hos who claimed to be beaten down were still outside whining about they just wanted to go home, to seemingly no one. THEN GO HOME. Sheesh.)

The Presets North American Tour

05.29.08 - Minneapolis, MI (Triple Rock Club)

05.30.08 - Chicago, IL (The Abbey Pub)

05.31.08 - Toronto, ON (Lees Palace)

06.01.08 - Montreal, QC (Cabaret Music Hall)

06.02.08 - Boston, MA (Paradise)

06.04.08 - Brooklyn, NY (Music Hall of Williamsburg)

06.05.06 - New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)

06.06.08 - Philadelphia, PA (Pure)

06.07.08 - Washington, D.C. (Rock N Roll Hotel)

The Presets

Live - The Presets @ Mezzanine | SF