Fictitious Business

There was a open box car and we were eight states away from the west coast. Hopping in to what we assumed was the lulling of the steel wheels on the tracks a surprise was had when Death to Anders was sitting along the back of the wall caressing music from their instruments. Fictitious Business was the topic on their sounds and offering advice of the same nature. Squinty Ned, my travel companion, and myself knew we were in for the long haul with these rakes. Squinty Ned was feeling uneasy and began quaffing down the gin we lifted at the hobo camp. He soon regretted that when "Ghost Rock" began lacerating his sanity. The raw energy was almost too much, and he would have jumped had I not been pinning him down. The Death to Anders boys had the cure contained in "Swig Shift," a bit of soothing entrancing verses with enough punch in the chorus to keep Ned from passing out.

It must have been around Kansas when the Bull spotted us. Squinty Ned, still crazy on gin took him out with a piece of scrap metal. He stashed the body under a tarp, and it was decided without words or argument he was now on his own. We bid farewell to our dear companion to the sounds of "Great Plains States." As depressed as we were to lose our friend we knew it necessary unless we wanted to be dangling by our necks at the end of a rope.

It came out during our travels that the thing we were running from was our pasts. "The Man of 1000 Regrets" was our mantra. Guilt slowly turned to anger, I think those are steps in recovery, but I'm not much of an educated man. A topic of the past was "Mooney Stegg" a solemn issue followed by "Doll," which contained much more angst and regret. I suppose women folk have that effect on drifters. The wear of the trail was getting to us when "Untitled" rolled out the vengeance seeking lads. About to lose our grasp on sanity we spotted the lights of L.A. in the distance. The train pulled into the yard and we began to investigate all the wonders of this new place. "Dark Bathrooms" reminded us that no matter how bad things were we had been granted a new start.

This leaves us with our current state of affairs. Seems all the city folk are dying to hear a story about the rails, a good country folk tale of survival and camaraderie. Now a moving picture is being made with all our tales included. Its a bit more polished than we remembered but still has the down home feel. "Camera Lens" brought us fame at was short lived. Once again we were fighting to achieve what we once had. This time the climb to that summit would be much more difficult. After a few years of strife, I bid my friends farewell as I hopped back into a boxcar headed east. My life was richer and simpler now. I can't say it will end up the same way for you, but hop on the rails with these gents and find out.

Death To Anders


Fictitious Business