Muse Officially Back In The Studio

Back in April we started to hear rumors that the UK rockers Muse were in the beginning stages of working on some new material. They were going to attempt to self-produce the recordings, which would be an interesting direction for the lads.

BBC 6 Music spoke with drummer Dominic Howard, who confirmed that Muse is officially working on a new album at their studio in Italy. He said: "About a week ago we just started on some new stuff and actually started playing some new tracks and writing some new songs. So we are just getting the ball rolling again."

Obviously it is way too early for them to have a clear idea as to the sound of the new album, although we're curious if it will lean more in the electonica realm such as their single "Supermassive Black Hole." Howard admitted that it was far too early to give many specific details, adding: "You get a whole bunch of ideas in the can and it's not until later on that you actually decide what they should sound like and where they should go. But it's a really exciting time."


Muse Officially Back In The Studio