Sled Island Announces Final Schedule

The second annual Sled Island Festival will be taking place June 25-28 in Beltline and downtown communities of Calgary. We have been following the lineup for a while now, and are happy to see that they have finally released a final daily schedule. It's a biggie, so be sure and read it with a fine-toothed comb.

Tuesday night - June 24
Circa Gallery - Poster Show/little kick off w/ bands Kris Ellestad, Indiensoci, Honeybear, Knots (bands to play throughout the night)

Wednesday night - June 25
Plaza Theater - 9pm FILM Heavy Metal in Baghdad Alberta premier $5, 10:45pm FILM Wild Combination, a Portrait of Arthur Russell $5
Glenbow - Art Gala (don coyote kick off)
Ship - Bison (12:30am), PJC + chains (11:30pm), Lint (10:30pm), Snake Mountain (9:30pm) (absolute underground presents) (free)
Central United - Grizzly Bear (8:45), Woodpigeon (7:45) , Kris Ellestad (7pm) ($35 advance tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd (6:30pm door)
Amsterdam Rhino - Fake Shark Real Zombie! (12am), snic (11:00pm), Japandroids (10:00pm), Sub Linguals (9:00pm)
Broken City - No Age (11:30pm), DD/MM/YYYY (10:30pm), Shagbots (9:30pm)
Broken City - IMVF (5pm, free)
Marquee - SSP Tren Bros (10pm), Shylur Janzen (9pm), Clinton St.John (8pm)
Pumphouse main - Comedy presents 7pm, 9pm ($25 advance, each show tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd 6:30pm doors early 8:45pm doors late)
Pumphouse small - Comedy show Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring (from Good Morning World) 7pm early, 9pm late
Underground - Christian Hansen and the Autistics (12am), Blitzen Trapper (11pm), Library Voices (10pm), Tetraktys (9pm)
Palimino - Hunter Gatherer (12am), Endangered Ape (11pm), Sweater Contest (10pm), Seven Story Redhead (9pm)
Warehouse - Dan Deacon (11:30pm), Rich Aucoin (10:30pm), Morgan Greenwood (9:30pm) doors 8pm ($20 advance tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)

Thursday night - June 26
Plaza Theater - Comedy Show presents (9pm/11pm) $20 early/ $20 late tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd (doors 8:30 early, 10:45 late)
Broken City - SSP Still Flyin' early patio show 4pm, free
Broken City - Blitzen Trapper (1am), SSP Still Flyin' (11:45pm), Basketball (10:45pm), SSP Women (10:00pm)
Marquee - Extra Golden (11pm), DoJo Workhorse (10pm), Lonely Hunters (9pm), City Streets (8pm), (Beatroute Presents)
Hi Fi - Crookers (12am), Curtis Santiago (11pm), Small Town DJs (9pm-11pm) TBA
Amsterdam Rhino - Elizabeth (12am), The Fun Funs (11pm), SSP The Cops (10pm), Cryptomaniacs (9pm), The Pine Tarts (8pm)
Legion up - Carolyn Mark (12:30), Matt Masters (11:30pm), Uncas (10:30), Scott Macleod (9:30pm)
Legion down - **UNANNOUNCED (1am), Elliot Brood (12am), Langhorne Slim (11pm), Luther Wright (10pm), Sunparlor Players (9pm) ($22 for both up and down tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd ) (doors 8pm)
Pump House 1 - YoLaTengo (Free Wheelin' acoustic retrospective + Q&A) (doors 6:30pm) ($28 tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Pump House 2- The Stolen Organ Family Band (9:30), These Hands (8:30), Ghost Bees (7:30pm)
Science Center - Chad VanGaalen (10pm), Young and Sexy (9pm), Octoberman (8pm), Portico (7pm) doors at 6pm ($25 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd) (FFWD presents)
Martha Cohen - Jonathan Richman (10pm), TBA (9:00) doors at 8pm. ($22 at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Sloth - AA early - Random Task Collective (8pm), Teenage Popes (7:30pm), Honey Bear (7:00), Christmas (6:30pm), The Unbundling (6:00), My Robot Unicorn (5:30), Capital RRR's (5:00) free
Palomino - Rio Bent (1am), Life Like Cobra (12am), Mark Birtles Project (11pm), Stone Hocker (10pm),
Underground - Details (12am), Paperbacks (11pm), Wizards (10pm), Hawaiian Bibles (9pm), Painted Birds (8pm)
Central United - Okkervil River (9:00), Mother Mother (8:00), Raccoon (7:15) , Consonant C (6:30) doors @ 6pm ($30 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Palomino- AA early - SIDS (4:30) Braden Funchner (3:55), Blind Tiger, Tiger (3:20pm), Indiensoci (2:45), Womb Baby (2:10), Kisses of Fire (1:35), Nathan Godfrey (1pm) doors / zine show (12pm)

Friday night - June 27
Glenbow - Festival Gala TBA
Broken City - BBQ (12am), Brenda Vaqueros (11pm), Von Zippers (10pm), Suicide Wrists (9pm)
Legion up - The Neckers (12:30am), Spiral Stairs (11:30pm), Fast Romantics (10:45 pm), Rich Aucoin (10:00pm), Wax Mannequin (9:15pm)
Legion down - **UNNANOUNCED (1am), Secret Machines (12am), SSP Enablers (11pm), The Dirty Dirty North (10pm), SSP Still Flyin' (9pm), ($25 tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd includes both up and down shows)
Pumphouse - Kara Keith (8:45pm), Headlights (7:45pm), Whitsundays (7:00pm), Apostle of Hustle (6:15pm) the Coast (5: 30pm) (CBC Radio 3 stage) doors 5pm ($22 advancetickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Pump house small - Popular Front (11pm), Darren Frank (10pm), Knots (9pm), Axis of Conversation (8pm)
Pump House - ***UNANNOUNCED (12am)
Martha Cohen - Deerhunter (10:30pm), Azeda Booth (9:30pm), BBQ (8:45pm), Neighbourhood Council (8pm) doors 7pm ($25 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Underground - Key to The City (1am), The Clips (12am), Gutterawl (11pm), The Blood Lines (10pm), Andy McGoffin (9pm)
Grand Theater - RZA as Bobby Digital featuring Stone Mecca (10:30pm), Stone Mecca (9:45pm), Blist (9pm) ($ 35 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd)
Verns - Fucked Up (1am), Ole (12am), Madcowboys (11pm), Cripple Creek Fairies (10pm), Sweet Cop Sour Cop (9pm)
Palomino - Beans dj set (12:30am), Dragon Fli Empire (11:45pm), Ricca and DJ Jetleg (11:00pm), Mantrakid (10:30pm), Jesse Dangerously (10:00pm)
Ideal Gallery - Sarah Malik, Ian Ward group exhibition opening party featuring Pizza Beats 7pm-1am

Friday Main stage

3:00 - 3:50 Beans
4:20-5:15 Broken west
5:40-6:35 Portastatic
7:00- 7:50 YoLaTengo
8:15- 9:15 Tegan and Sara
9:45 - 10:45 SSP Broken Social Scene

Friday Side stage

3:50 - 4:20 Summerlad
5:15-5:40 Wet Secrets
6:35-7:00 Ramblin' Ambassadors
7:50 - 8:15 Elliot Brood
9:15 - 9:45 Chixdiggit

Saturday night - June 28
Broken City - Beja Flor (1am), Bend Sinister (12am), The Hermit (11pm), Aaron Booth (10pm), DJ Beja Matt (9pm)
HiFi - Qui (11pm), SSP The Enablers (10pm), The Warbrides (9pm)
Ship afternoon - Spiral Stairs (3:30pm), Bil Heatherington and the Asian Tigers (2:45pm), Hot Awesome (2pm) (Free)
Marquee - Rock Plaza Central (12:30am), Katie Stelmanis, (11:30pm) Jon McKiel (10:30 pm), Francis Cheer (9:30pm), Forest Tate Fraser (8:30pm)
Legion up - Fucked up (1:00am), SIDS (12am), Boats (11pm), Absent Sound (10pm), Vicious Crystals (9pm), (Pop Montreal presents) Daniel Barrow (6-7pm)
Legion down - ***UNANNOUNCED (1:30), SSP Dodos (12:30), SSP the Cops (11:30), Heat Ray (10:30pm), The Ostrich (9:30pm) ($35 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd up/down)
Underground - The Wet Secrets (12am), BBQ (11pm), The Faunts (10pm), 7 and 7 is (9pm)
Pumphouse - Comedy Presents 7pm early, 9pm early ($25 adv. tickets at ticketmaster June 2nd each show is $25)
Palomino - SSP Still Flyin' (12:00am), Mohawk Lodge (11pm), Junior Pantherz (10pm), Mt.Royal (9pm), Language Arts (8pm)
Venue TBA - Vitamins for You (TBA)

Saturday Main Stage

11:50- 12:35 Jose Gonzales
12:50 - 1:35 Secret Machines
1:45 - 2:55 Drive-By Truckers
3:15 - 4:15 Gutter Twins
4:40 - 5:40 Jonathan Richman
6:10 - 7:10 Of Montreal
7:40 - 9:00 SSP Wire
9:20 - 10:45 Mogwai

Saturday Side stage

12:35 - 12:50 SSP Women
1:35 - 1:45 SSP Still Flyin'
2:55 - 3:15 Hot Little Rocket
4:15 -4:40 Jane Vain & the Dark Matter
5:40 - 6:10 Scout Nibblett
7:10 - 7:40 The Fellas
9:00 - 9:20 SSP Dodos

Sunday June 29
Plaza Theater - Sunday Matinees 12pm - 4pm 12pm FILM The Pied Piper of Hutzovina (65 minutes) $5 1:30 FILM The Devil and Daniel Johnston (110 minutes) $5 (Bird Dog Presents)
Palomino free BBQ wrap up - *UNANNOUNCED (4pm), Curtis Santiago (3pm), Martyr Index (2pm), Fucked Up (1pm) Free to festival pass holders

Sled Island

Sled Island Announces Final Schedule