James Set To Release First New Album In Seven Years

Of all the bands that had vanished over the past few years, one we didn't see making a comeback was the UK pop-rock group James. In no way was that a slam against the band, as they've had an impressive career, stemming back to early days with Factory Records before jumping ship to the majors. With such great singles as "Born Of Frustration" and the infamous "Laid," they have released an impressive ten studio albums, containing twenty UK top 40 singles, selling a whopping 12 million copies worldwide.

After a seven year gap, the reformed James, including original members Tim Booth, Larry Gott and Jim Glennie, will return with a brand new album, Hey Ma. The remainder of the linep remains the same from Laid, including Saul Davies, Mark Hunter, Dave Baynton-Power and Andy Diagram. The lads went into their studio in late 2007, the results of which will be released here in the US on September 16 via Decca.

About the return of James, frontman Tim Booth said: "This is the best period of James I've ever been involved in. The band is reformed in its strongest line up, (the Goldmother to Laid period) and everything feels fresh and exciting again. The response in Europe has been ecstatic and we are proud and excited to be bringing this to the States, where we feel we have some unfinished business."

Mark your calendars, as the band will be making an appearance on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic with Nic Harcourt on June 5. You won't want to miss that. North American tour information will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Hey Ma
01. "Bubbles"
02. "Hey Ma"
03. "Waterfall"
04. "Oh My Heart"
05. "Boom Boom"
06. "Semaphore"
07. "Upside"
08. "Whiteboy"
09. "72"
10. "Of Monsters & Heroes & Men"
11. "I Wanna Go Home"


James Set To Release First New Album In Seven Years