Video - Morrissey "All You Need Is Me"

This is the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Yes, a NEW MORRISSEY VIDEO! Although his new album, Years Of Refusal, won't arrive in shops until September (that is the rumor, at least), his single "All You Need Is Me" will be available in the UK on June 2.

With a new single comes a video, and this one is your typical clip from the Mozzer. We get to watch him walk around, perform with his band, and that is about it. We've seen it a dozen times before, but since it is Morrissey, we still love it. As for the track itself, it is nice hearing him throw down a guitar heavy pop song. Simple, catchy and of course, awesome. Many thanks to The Music Slut for finding this video!

For more information on the single, click here.

"All You Need Is Me"


Video - Morrissey "All You Need Is Me"