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FADER TV: Andrew WK Got Extra Weird At The New Museum

For the first time in human history, we are posting a full show on FADER TV. Sound the trumpets. We were so inspired by Andrew WK's performance a couple weeks ago at the New Museum's Get Weird series, curated by former FADER EIC Alex Wagner, that we felt this was the opportune moment to give it a shot. How could we not? Andrew could probably convince us to chew our own arm off if it meant having more fun or loving New York more. He's just that dude. He showed up in signature white, sat at the grand piano, and before anyone knew what to do, was improvising several of our new favorite songs with none other than Matt Sweeney (also in white) before letting Sweeney go and kicking into AWK circa 2001 for the last half, most of the room dancing and freaking out around him. It was a moment. So let it play or watch each clip until you are ready to embrace how truly great YOU ARE and how massively incredible LIFE CAN BE. Or puke.

FADER TV: Andrew WK Got Extra Weird At The New Museum