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Proposition: Captain Kanye Travels To Planet Weezy

After listening to The Carter III a few dozen times since it leaked, and not really wanting to grade it per se, or join in the debate on whether Jay "Renegaded" Wayne on "Mr Carter" (for real dudes? GO OUTSIDE), we decided to advance the discussion to a point in the near future. With Kanye promising to only get further out into space on Good Ass Job and Weezy potentially sipping himself into another dimension, we would like to propose to both parties and whoever makes it possible for them to release albums that they join forces to create an interstellar epic, a cosmicopera, something animated maybe. Who cares how they do it? Here's the basic plot: Kanye bounces from Planet Boobs or wherever he is now to some new planet, crashes after a space dogfight with an alien spacecraft and is at first confronted, then befriended by the enemy pilot who speaks in an indecipherable language. The two bicker but learn to become friends, Kanye grows a sick beard and Wayne has a baby that looks just like him only smaller (or maybe it looks like Baby or Robin Thicke WHATEVER). Put it on Broadway—save that institution—and send us a royalty check. To be honest, this is little more than an excuse to photoshop Kanye and Wayne into an Enemy Mine still, but still, this shit has legs. Do it!

Proposition: Captain Kanye Travels To Planet Weezy