The Cloud Room Offers Another Free Fake 7" Single

The NY indie popsters The Cloud Room have been favorites of The Tripwire way back to their early shows prior to the release of their self-titled debut. We enjoyed their independently released Please Don't Almost Kill Me EP in the summer of last year, and to keep the flow of new tunes going, the band has cranked out some fake 7" singles. The latest is for "Sticks & Stones" / "t-shirts", both of which can be downloaded from their MySpace page.

Rather than go through the costly expense of pressing vinyl singles (which we would have loved), it is still an interesting idea to offer what is basically a virtual 7" with an a-side and b-side. This gives fans access to a bit of new music while we wait for the next formal release from The Cloud Room. This marks the second fake 7" release from the band, so perhaps another isn't too far away.

The Cloud Room

The Cloud Room Offers Another Free Fake 7" Single