Thurston Moore & Byron Coley Ready Post-Punk Book

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore teamed up with writer Byron Coley to create a book that visually chronicles the collision of art and punk in the NY underground from '76 to '80. No Wave. Post-Punk. New York. 1976 - 1980 will be available late this month, giving us a look into the granddaddies of No Wave, from James Chance to Lydia Lunch to Glenn Branca. It also delves into the music of Debbie Harry, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and Richard Hell.

Moore and Coley selected 150 images, most of which have never been previously published, combined with hundreds of hours of personal interviews that helped to create this book of rock history. We're definitely anxious to get our hands on a copy, as this will be a must have for any fan of rock and post-punk.

Musical icon David Bowie has already given the book his approval, stating: "This is just a great book. Moore and Coley wade into the mire that was No Wave and pull all kinds of order into it, if that could be possible. I've never been part of a scene, though if I were I might have opted for this one. Listening in from Berlin where I was then working and living, it seemed a tonic but faceless form. This adds the features."


Thurston Moore & Byron Coley Ready Post-Punk Book