Greatest Song At This Moment - New Order's "Age Of Consent"

Dedicated to those songs that I can't stop playing, humming, or thinking about; the 4+ minutes you fall head-over-heels in love with. Past instances have included Outkast's "Dracula's Wedding," The Clash's "Guns on the Roof" and David Bowie's "Starman."

I seem to recall hearing that heaven is simply the reliving of a single magnificent moment or feeling for eternity. If this were true, then my second choice for my magnificent moment would be getting to hear a great and appropriate-to-the-moment song played by random luck (by way of radio DJ, passing a car stereo, or off of an iPod Shuffle). It is a strange sensation of trivial divine intervention and it can lift my spirits nearly as high as cleanly striking a baseball with a bat, my first choice for a magnificent moment. Perhaps "little miracle" is a better-suited term, but whatever the definition, they seem to happen too few times in all our lives.

I was feeling very blah and needed to take a walk to clear my head. This normally means listening to music, and this day was no exception. But unlike most days, I didn't hit "play" upon exit. I started the Shuffle before I even had my shoes on and what should play but "Age of Consent." I know the song well, though it is admittedly new to my personal playlist; a perk of marriage I suppose. Among all the other obvious perks, your mate could easily double your musical landscape. Suddenly, without trying, you not only have a full assortment of New Order, but you posses every release R.E.M. and The Cure has ever considered committing. While I don't love every second of this auxiliary music collection, nor do I fully consider it "my collection," I am thankful for what exposure it has conveniently provided. Though my wife and I share few favorites in the musical spectrum, what tastes we do share, we share together equally. I feel closer to her with each song of "hers" that I enjoy.

Marie Antoinette. In fact, I have little doubt that the coolness of that trailer, in which 100 seconds of this song play straight over the images of Kirsten Dunst princessing it up, may explain why I praise the film so much more than any other critic or human has or will. That and the opening image and credits playing over Gang of Four are all it take for me to "Ooh" and "Ah."

I know I have heard a great song when I've reached the end and I want to hear it again immediately. As I turned the corner, still two blocks away from my house, I repeated the song for a fourth time and a fifth, realizing not only that I wanted to live in the strange, dreamy sound world of the song itself, but that I wanted to avoid the inevitable disappointment in hearing whichever poor song was to follow. I couldn't take it. I was finally feeling better than blah, and I owed it to the small miracle attached to my belt. It had not only captured lightning, but it was showing it off on demand, and I knew that to return to my normal routine, to listen to the next song, was to release a dream. How could I ask for a better song than this one? It was a recipe for disappointment, like Indiana Jones 4. Eventually, I naturally let the shuffle run it's course, bursting my attempt at suspended animation, even though I wanted to continue walking to a beat which had propelled me so far with effortless energy and could have continued for what felt like hours.

As a footnote, my Shuffle got lucky: it managed to follow up this, the best song to put on your shoes and walk as well as the Greatest At This Moment, with the Rolling Stones' "Happy," apparently the greatest song to hear AFTER the best song to put on your shoes and walk, and then Ike & Tina's "River Deep, Mountain High," the greatest song to hear right after you decide you've walked enough and should get back and write about "Age of Consent."

Additional Footnote: This is my second YouTube video of the Song set to anime images. I wanted to explain that I knew this was weird, but I also wanted to encourage folks to seek out the original Teaser Trailer for Marie Antoinette (and the movie itself, for that matter). If you watch that teaser and don't at least get excited for the film, then I can't help you.

Greatest Song At This Moment - New Order's "Age Of Consent"