On The Cover - Cruel Black Dove


We were first introduced to Brooklyn's electronic rock group Cruel Black Dove by their lead vocalist Anastasia Dimou, who happened to send us an email with a few demo tracks earlier this year. Much of the music that floods our inboxes is given a quick listen and then promptly deleted, but Cruel Black Dove ended up being one of those rare moments when we find a diamond in the rough. Their slick, sexy gothic electro-rock brought a flood of influences to mind, ranging from PJ Harvey and Massive Attack to Curve and Depeche Mode.

Behind the powerful voice of Anastasia stand some talented musicians that help add the sheen and infectious hooks to their songs. Guitarist & producer Alan Veucasovic, bassist Shirley Ho and drummer Jonathan Nanberg provide the perfect haunting backdrop for their brand of dark pop. Cruel Black Dove has done an impressive job at adding a modern twist to their classic sources of inspiration, which you can hear for yourself on their recently released Full Powers EP. They have pieced together some of the most polished tracks from an unsigned band that we've heard this year. We'll dig a bit deeper into the specifics of their independently released disc later, plus we'll be interviewing the band in the upcoming weeks as well.

To get things started, check out our Cruel Black Dove photo gallery below. Many thanks to Peter Domorak, Jonathan Pilkington, Heather Culp, Dennis Calho and Thom Justino for the pics. Keep checking back for more on one of Brooklyn's best kept musical secrets. Also, we've got a song for you to sample, so make sure you listen to "Love Song" below... and no... it is not a Cure cover.

"Love Song"

Cruel Black Dove

On The Cover - Cruel Black Dove