Carl Barat & Tim Burgess' Supergroup Plan To Record

Think waaaayyyy back to 2004. We reported about an unusual super group that consisted of Libertines/Dirty Pretty Things' Carl Barat, The Charlatans' Tim Burgess, Martin Duffy of Primal Scream and a few more peeps. We haven't heard much of anything about them since 2005; that's until today.

The Chavs are still alive and well (despite a lineup change which includes The Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds), and in an exclusive interview with BBC6, Tim Burgess has spilled the beans on how the band came together, and that they are planning on recording material in August if all goes well.

Burgess told the music station, "A long time ago I was asked to do a solo gig in Chatton and my guitar skills are not the greatest so I asked Carl if he would come along and play the guitar for me and then from that moment, we ended up asking a load of other people down as well, Duffy from Primal scream and Andy Burrows from Razorlight, and we created a supergroup on the night called The Chavs. Every now and again we bring in new members, we lose a few members, we have been known to write the occasional song and perform live, but the idea is to actually record something proper over the summer when we get a chance. Myself, Carl and Jamie from the Klaxons actually went out for a bit of a band meeting and I think that we are all free in August - but I've just heard the news yesterday that Carl got quite sick so hopefully he'll be recovered by then."

Want to hear what they sound like? Check out their MySpace page to hear a live version of "Fairy Tale Of NY." If you ask us, 2008 is shaping up to be a great year in music.


Carl Barat & Tim Burgess' Supergroup Plan To Record