Freeload: Pavement, Live At The Palace April 4th, 1994

Toward the end of our radio show last Friday, we briefly got real deep with some ’90s indie rock but somehow avoided playing any Pavement. We don’t know what we were thinking. Serendipitously, Aquarium Drunkard has a live Pavement bootleg from 1994. How many jokes can we make about the early ’90s? SO MANY! Instead we are going to make zero, because you know what? Pavement are great and some of our favorite albums in basically every genre came from those years and that is nothing to make fun of. Like, if the Grateful Dead weren’t our Grateful Dead then Pavement would be our Grateful Dead. Also, if you google Pavement, the first thing that comes up is the band, and that is a pretty epic achievement, considering, you know, ROADS.

Download: Pavement Live At The Palace April 4th, 1994

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