Support The Pablove Foundation To Fight Childhood Cancer

One of our dearest friends in the music community has been Jeff Castelaz from Dangerbird Records. His coffee-fueled energy and excitement is firm proof that the music biz is far from over, it is simply shifting into new directions. We've known Jeff for a solid five years now, so we view him more as a part of our family than just a good buddy, which is why the news he told us just a few weeks ago really hit home.

His four-year-old son, Pablo, was diagnosed with Wilms' Tumor, a form of cancer that rears its ugly head in children typically aged two to five. He has developed cancer on both of his kidneys, something no parent ever wants to hear. One thing about the Castelaz family is that they radiate positive energy wherever they go, including their frequent vists to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, where they have been spending quite a bit of time as of late.

Jeff, his wife Jo Ann and Pablo's brother Grady have all joined together not only to help get this kiddo back to 100%, they have also spent time online keeping friends and family updated on his progress via the PABLOg. In fact, they have just taken their mission to a whole new level by launching the Pablove Foundation. They are currently accepting donations, which will go directly to Wilms' Tumor research and treatment at CHLA's Saban Research Institute. They will also support programs, playrooms and activities at the soft tumor unit at CHLA, the location of Pablo's current treatments.

The Pablove Foundation has a donation page set up, where you can send a few bucks through Paypal or a credit card. In return, they will hook you up with a Pablove bracelet as a thank you, which can also be your daily reminder that there are people out there working hard to help children recover from illnesses such as Wilms' Tumor.

We also wanted to take a moment to wish Pablo a happy birthday, as the little pirate will be turning five on Saturday. We will have a piece of cake in your honor this weekend! Get well Pablo!

Pablove Foundation

Support The Pablove Foundation To Fight Childhood Cancer