Fall In

Back in 2002 one of my favorite releases was from a Washington, DC band called Phaser; a group that created lush, swirling and dreamy music. The main man behind Phaser, Boris Skalsky, created a new project in 2005, called Dead Heart Bloom in New York City. While the self-titled debut was a little more straightforward in the vein of Beach Boys meets David Bowie, the music was still great. In fact, it was good enough for Dead Heart Bloom to be nominated for a Shortlist Music Prize.

Now, several years later, Dead Heart Bloom has returned to the scene with a series of EPs that will be released this year. His first, Fall In, picks up right where the previous two releases left off. Opening with the bombastic "Is This The Way?," the shoegazer guitar work and Boris' signature yearning vocals are spot on. The more upbeat "Come Back" is up next, conjuring up images of Beck's Sea Change or Mercury Rev. "Our Last Martyr" is wrapped in David Bowie glam, and the EP's closer, "Here We Are," hints at the work of John Lennon.

If Boris Skalsky plays his cards right, he just might have another Short List nod, or better yet win, in the years to come. While the EP is available as a free download off of the band's website, I suggest doing the right thing and throwing a few bucks towards the artist's direction to pick up the physical CD.

Dead Heart Bloom


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Fall In