Freeload: Starbucks f. Sosa Da Plug, “Money Rite”

Young Buck might be getting aired out over old phone calls to 50 Cent, but who cares! Dude is still a great rapper, and more importantly, he is even better when he has All $tar to play off of. In fact, can we just pretend they are one entity and call them Starbucks from now on? Like if we see them on the street can we be like Hey it’s Starbucks! Anyway, this song came sooner than we expected, and is from the pair’s Starbucks project, which we would be blogging about based on concept and graphics alone. Luckily the music is good so far, weird and false Obama line aside (you’ll hear it).

Download: Starbucks f. Sosa Da Plug, “Money Rite”

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