My Bloody Valentine Speak Out On Tour + Video

The clock is ticking for My Bloody Valentine to play some shows in North America. While the tour officially kicks off tonight in London (their first time to play in 16 years), the group unofficially had two last minute warm up shows at the ICA in London last week, where the band played six tracks from Loveless, and four cuts from Isn't Anything.

Speaking about the impromptu shows to BBC6, Kevin Shields commented, "No, I mean we did a couple of warm up gigs and that was just with a little PA, no production, it was just like playing in a room. We know that when we do it properly, it'll be all right I think. When we played on Friday that was the first time we played all the songs in a row, we hadn't even done a rehearsal or anything, we just practiced a few songs a day."

He went on to talk about the upcoming tour saying, "We can do it properly, it's gonna be as good a PA that's ever been in there and that's great. It's about making it a physical total experience in a way. We wanted to be better than we were, like all the things we hated about ourselves we wanted to eliminate but without being boring. We want to really represent the energy, feel like just after making a record feeling."

Are you as excited as we are? From the comments we read on YouTube, it sounds like the ICA show was so loud that they were handing out earplugs at the door. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

"Only Shallow"

My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine Speak Out On Tour + Video