Chemical Brothers Prep Best Of Album

On September 2 The Chemical Brothers will release a best of double CD collection called Brotherhood, which will be preceded by a new digital single, "Midnight Madness." The new track will be available on August 19.

Brotherhood hosts thirteen tracks on one disc comprised of their singles, and a new tune, "Keep My Composure," which features Spank Rock. The second disc will be home to "Electronic Battle Weapons 1-10." Peep the tracklisting and get ready to dance!

Disc 1
01. "Galvanize"
02. "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
03. "Block Rockin' Beats"
04. "Do It Again"
05. "Believe"
06. "Star Guitar"
07. "Let Forever Be (Featuring Noel Gallagher)"
08. "Leave Home"
09. "Keep My Composure (Featuring Spank Rock)"
10. "Saturate"
11. "Out Of Control"
12. "The Golden Path - (Featuring The Flaming Lips)"
13. "Setting Sun - (Featuring Noel Gallagher)"
14. "Chemical Beats"
Disc 2

01.-10. "Electronic Battle Weapons"

Chemical Brothers


Chemical Brothers Prep Best Of Album