Download - Roses Kings Castles "Sparkling Bootz"

Roses Kings Castles is the brainchild from Babyshambles' drummer, Adam Ficek. The musician is planning on making his solo debut in the form of a folk single, "Sparkling Bootz," which will come out in Japan via Alphaville Records on June 30, and in a special way for the UK.

While a limited number of 7" copies will be available via Rough Trade, Pure Groove and Alphaville Records, UK fans will have the chance to send in a self-addressed envelope to receive a signed copy for free. (For our UK friends, peep the MySpace link below for more information on grabbing your gratis copy.) Supposedly Adam plans on making this the start of a musical community that puts the artist and fans in direct contact, and he will release his other merch and music as members-only exclusives.

To get a peek at what Adam has in store for us, download "Sparkling Bootz" below, and be on the lookout for his upcoming single, "Never Certain," and full length coming soon.

MP3 Download - "Sparkling Bootz"


Download - Roses Kings Castles "Sparkling Bootz"