Loxsly have returned with their first recorded work since 2005 on their latest EP, Flashlights. While overall they lack making huge waves on the effort, the four-song collection does boast some nice tunes that will snuggle up in your "basic indie music" collection. However that's not to say that it isn't a solid effort, because it is, and we find that the band has grown some with each piece of recorded material that they release.

They may hail from Austin, but their music takes on more of a Brooklyn meets 1960's pop vibe. There are touches of their hometown roots though; you can hear the influence of Britt Daniel from Spoon during the vocal styling of Cody Ground during "Chopper," the most straightforward song on the EP. The album's opener, and best cut on the EP in our opinion, "Lamprey Eels," saunters along painting a dark and detailed portrait of the band, and has already gotten the guys some radio airplay. Fans of Grandaddy will relish in the synth-filled "Speckled Eggs," which makes the listener tap their toes to the rhythm of the steel guitar.

Ending things on a high note with "Virgin Isles," the EP closes and leaves us wondering what the band has in store for us next. Whatever that may be, one thing is for sure, we are looking forward to finding out. Since the guys always put on a good live show, we can't wait to see for ourselves in person come August when they go on tour.

MP3 Download - "Lamprey Eels"