US Release Date Set For UNKLE's Latest

It looks like fans in the US will get to see a domestic release of the latest from UNKLE, as End Titles... Stories For Film will arrive at digital retailers on July 15 and at shops on September 2 via James Lavelle's Surrender All label.

As we previously reported, the proper follow-up to War Stories will be a collection of eclectic recordings including collaborations with Josh Homme, Black Mountain, Gavis Clark, Joel Cadbury from South, James Petralli from White Denim, War Stories producer Chris Goss, plus touring band members Dave Bateman and James Griffith.

The new album does indeed include tracks inspired by and also featured in film and video, such as "Blade In The Back" which was featured in Spike Jonze's skate video, Fully Flared. "Heaven" and "Blade In The Back" were also the opening and closing tracks from director Abel Ferrara's documentary Odyssey In Rome. The track "Trouble In Paradise" was used in a BMW commercial that aired in the UK, and the album will contain the full-length version.

End Titles... Stories For Film
01. "End Titles"
02. "Cut Me Loose" (ft. Gavin Clarke)
03. "Ghosts"
04. "Ghosts" (String Reprise)
05. "Kaned And Able"
06. "Blade In The Back" (ft. Gavin Clarke)
07. "Synthetic Water"
08. "Chemical" (ft. Josh Homme)
09. "Nocturnal" (ft. Chriss Goss, James Petralli & Robbie Furze)
10. "Cut Me Loose" (String Reprise)
11. "Against The Grain" (ft. Gavin Clarke)
12. "Even Balance"
13. "Trouble In Paradise (Variation On A Theme)"
14. "Can't Hurt" (ft. Gavin Clarke and Joel Cadbury)
15. "24 Frames"
16. "In A Broken Dream"
17. "Clouds" (ft. Black Mountain)
18. "Black Mass"
19. "Open Your Eyes" (ft. Abel Ferrera)
20. "Romeo Void"
21. "Heaven" (ft. Gavin Clarke)
22. "The Piano Echoes"


US Release Date Set For UNKLE's Latest