NIN To Release Physical Versions Of The Slip

By now all Nine Inch Nails diehard fans have downloaded their free copies of their latest, The Slip, but many have been itching for a more tangible version to clutch in their arms. Trent Reznor has decided to officially release the album on both CD and vinyl.

The CD version is going to be limited to 250,000 copies worldwide, each being individually numbered in a six-panel digipak. It will also include a DVD with rehearsals for the upcoming tour as well as a 24 page booklet and an exclusive sticker pack. If they were scratch & sniff stickers, what smell do you think they would be? Actually, never mind, we'd rather not know. The CD will be available starting on July 22 through NIN's own Null Corporation label.

The analog version will hit stores on August 5, pressed to sweet 180 gram vinyl. It will come in gatefold packaging, complete with a 24 page booklet, but no stickers.

Nine Inch Nails

NIN To Release Physical Versions Of The Slip