The Verve Lets Out New Album Tracklisting

Every couple of days we seem to be receiving just a bit more information on the brand new album from The Verve. First we had a release date, which is August 19 here in the US. We then heard the debut single, "Love Is Noise," which we have to admit has completely grown on us. The electronic direction of the track might have thrown us for a loop, but we're digging it.

Now we have the album title as well as the tracklisting for the disc. The triumphant return of The Verve will be titled Forth, consisting of only ten songs. Hey, ten songs are better than none, so we'll take 'em. Now we just need a full-blown North American tour! Please?

In case you missed it the first time, click here to check out the streaming audio for "Love Is Noise."

01. "Sit And Wonder"
02. "Love Is Noise"
03. "Rather Be"
04. "Judas"
05. "Numbness"
06. "I See Houses"
07. "Noise Epic"
08. "Valium Skies"
09. "Columbo"
10. "Appalachian Springs"

The Verve

The Verve Lets Out New Album Tracklisting