This Is Not The World

"The Beginning Of The Twist" was one hell of a way to kick off an album. The Futureheads dropped whatever they were doing with their sophomore album, News And Tributes, and returned with a strong collection of tasty post-punk. These lads from Sunderland know what they do best, focused on those skills, offering up a blistering third album filled with accessible pop that proves that they have plenty of life left in their career.

With the music biz in an awkward state these days, The Futureheads wisely decided to take matters into their own hands, releasing This Is Not The World on their own label, Nul Records. With a newfound enthusiasm, they've brought back that infectious energy that drew us to them in the first place on their self-titled debut record back in 2004.

The punk-fueled fire has returned to the belly of The Futureheads, offering up a fairly raw, straightforward sound on their third record. With producer Youth manning the ship, he kept the formula for their songs somewhat straightforward, with very little room for sonic exploration. "Walking Backwards" is pure, unadulterated post-punk, complete with aggressive, angular guitars, rumbling drums and a powerful chorus. A confidence in their new material runs throughout the length of the record, such as on the potential radio smash, "Radio Heart." This is the shit that is made for summertime, an anthemic pop song that the kids can chant along with.

The tempo keeps trucking along on the title track, offering thrilling moments slathered in vocal harmonies. The Futureheads are truly back at the top of their game. In fact, the freight train hardly slows down, taking a slight breather with "Hard To Bear," but picking right back up with "Work Is Never Done." By the time we get to "Broke Up The Time," This Is Not The World is back to full steam ahead, with quick guitar riffs pushing the band to the very edge of chaos.

For Anglophiles such as myself, it was an absolute thrill to hear such a strong effort from The Futureheads. This Is Not The World is the perfect example of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." What they were doing back on their self-titled debut was spot on, and now that they are back on track and have futher refined their post-punk sound, they have given us one of the most enjoyable albums of the summer.

"Radio Heart"

The Futureheads

This Is Not The World