Listen - New Single From The Walkmen

Earlier this month we told you about the upcoming new album from The Walkmen, You & Me. It will be available in your favorite record shops starting on September 16 via indie label Gigantic Music. The band has decided to give fans a sneak peak at their new music by offering a stream of the track "In The New Year," which just happens to be the first single from the album. You can give it a spin over on their MySpace page.

The band will be performing a handful of tour dates in August. If you missed the dates, click here.

You & Me
01. "Donde esta la Playa"
02. "Flamingos (for Colbert)"
03. "On The Water"
04. "In The New Year"
05. "Seven Years Of Holidays (for Stretch)"
06. "Postcards From Tiny Islands"
07. "Red Moon"
08. "Canadian Girl"
09. "Four Provinces"
10. "Long Time Ahead Of Us"
11. "The Blue Route"
12. "New Country"
13. "I Lost You"
14. "If Only It Were True"

The Walkmen

Listen - New Single From The Walkmen